What is the Future of Clean?

What now? Ever hear that? Yup we all hear it from time to time for different reasons than the one I am about to address! 😉
If you think you know the answer to this question, I’d love to hear it:  Where is the world of cleaning going over the next few years?  I have some thoughts, most of them good.
The early part of the new millennium brought about a ton of change in sources of supply and selection. It also brought hundreds of environmentally responsible cleaning products with it.  That’s the good stuff!  Anyone who knows me full well, knows that I love the “Green” pitch.  I just don’t pitch it as a distributor and manufacturer. Why you say? Mostly because what was green yesterday is everyday today.  That makes me smile because it proves that everyone is “getting it”.  Monolithic companies are forced to increase recycled content in their paper towels because a few industry mavericks force them to.  Even better… these Mavericks are becoming industry leaders because of that innovation.
Who wins?  You, me and everyone else out there. More to come on innovation; there is some very cool stuff coming down the tubes!

Our top picks for ‘Green’ Cleaners to get you started:


Bio Magic

Bio Klenz


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