What is the Real Benefit of a Sustainability Initiative?

What is sustainability all about?  Is it about the David Suzukis of our world?  Is it about ego?  Is it just another fad?  Why should you consider changing your facility to meet these rigid standards?  Is there a cost savings when you choose to buy green?
Why do you want to benefit from this (more than just a fad) initiative?
In a recent facility study, we managed to define the following benefits from a wholesale change in operation:
·         Better attendance in staff and building inhabitants.
·         Fewer workplace chemical related injuries.
·         Greater satisfaction for users of our products.
What is the reason for this heavily front-loaded plan?  After all payback often takes as much as seven years?
·         Building inhabitants and users are healthier
·         VOC’s are reduced (Volatile Organic Compounds)
·         Waste output is greatly reduced
·         Surfaces last longer
·         Daily operation costs drop by as much as 15%
·         Productivity Increases
·         Water consumption is greatly reduced
·         Organics streaming reduces waste collection
·         Recycling increases
·         General workplace satisfaction increases for workers
There are endless studies that enhance my statement.  Starting with a sustainability initiative will most certainly offer you the benefit of long-term savings but if implemented properly you will see no short-term increase.  We’re here to help!  David Suzuki deserves a lot more than just the Order of Canada.  His work has enhanced lives for millions and will continue to do so for generations to come.

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