What Makes A Good Floor Cleaner?

The answer to this one is….   Drum roll please.  A good cleaner.  In more than just one way, too! The person doing the cleaning is every bit as important as the product we use to clean.  My focus here is actually on the product.  Surprise.  Many floors require a cleaner that suits their special needs.  For example ceramic tile floors clean best using a slightly acidic cleaner.  Unfinished vinyl floors like LVT like truly neutral pH cleaning chemicals.  Concrete and natural stone floors really prefer alkaline cleaners.  Finished vinyl floors prefer slightly alkaline cleaners.  How do I do it you ask?  Ask us.  If you are uncertain about what your floor is made of.  Ask us.  It’s free.  No cost.  You have a starting point at least.

Examples: Acidic Oxiwipe, Alkaline Stone Floor Cleaner, Neutral Clarity, Slightly alkaline Big Balloooooo (Big Blue)!



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