What Matters Most to You?

     Are you focused on quality? When you buy a new appliance for home are you looking for the best you can possibly afford? Or are you looking for the fridge and stove that work and cost the least?  Does your purchasing style apply to everything you buy?  When you buy a car are you likely to wait a few years longer to get a car that is simply better than the rest?
This question is the day-in, day-out argument we all face.  Is it possible to have the best of both worlds?  Not often.  I ask this question for only one selfish reason.  I know the answer if I sell product to you already.  You want a bit more from life, that’s an easy guess for me.  If that isn’t the case, then I don’t think you will want to deal with us.  We probably aren’t your type of supplier.  You’re probably willing to drive all the way across town to save 3 bucks on a tank of gas…OK sometimes we’re all guilty of that one.  Am I being cocky?  Not really.  I just don’t want to waste your time trying to be what you want.  I want to give the folks that expect a bit more, a lot more than what they asked for!


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