Why Are We Here?

We have been here for nearly forty years.  That alone says something, but the reality is that many things change and a lot more stay the same.  Having been a second-generation company for ten years we realize that something is working for us.  Especially in this era of constant improvement and change.  What is it that keeps customers coming back?  What is it that keeps our staff here so long?

Story time. Last week I was at a higher education facility where I spoke with their purchaser about chemical safety.  Much to my surprise she told me that one of her staff had decided to create a cocktail of three products to get ink off a floor.  Safety considered, I had to consider my past experiences with all three products.  The good news… all three could be mixed together.  The bad news… the floor had no finish left after it was “cleaned”.  Twenty years ago there were  literally 1/20th the number of cleaning products and 15 times as many people selling them (this is a definite fact).  Very few of the products back then could be mixed together.  My recommendation?  Never mix anything yourself.  Some chemical reactions aren’t immediately obvious or even noticeable.

In 2000 our phones rang off the hook with how to questions.  Now if we are lucky someone calls with a how to question every couple of days.  That isn’t because we aren’t the right people to talk to.  It’s because people can get the answer on the Web.  Is it the right answer?  Not always.  In fact it can send you on a wild goose chase looking for a product that might result in you spending a day hunting it down, maybe longer.

We are here to bridge that gap.  We know products unlike any company in the industry.  We take cleaning seriously.

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