Why do Garbage Bags Leak?

Retail commercials don’t do garbage bags justice.  Having recently been called upon by a prospective client, I have become far more sensitized to the reality of bad garbage bags.  She asked me ‘why haven’t you caught up with the technology of (insert most recognized brand here), these I bought from (insert competitor name here) bags leaked all over my rugs’. We sell a lot of garbage bags in bulk packages, but is that technology feasible in our world?  Most likely not.
Our manufacturers have tried to create similar products that in many ways worked better than the retail equivalent. In fact, we even presented these to our largest consumers of bags and received the same reply. As soon as they cost the same we’ll buy them. Heard that one before? I can’t say that I totally blame them. I decided a long time ago to never give in to the bottom dwellers because we can’t afford to sell the least expensive option. Our bags are side seamed in almost every case and continually tested for durability in house. Leaks happen, and punctures are a reality in almost all garbage bags. Leaks don’t happen due to poor seam sealing (in our case at least). Make sure that you get what you pay for. You will never be quantity shorted and you will always get best in class bags when you pay for them.  Yes, some manufacturers will ship out short cases, quality control at the factory level is a starting point. Quality control in our warehouse is our value added.


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