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A Shortage of Something Other Than Expected

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Here it is.  The scourge of sustainability professionals the world over. For the past 25 years we have managed to create products that have recycled content that continually improves. A small roll toilet tissue that is 100% recycled content. And better yet, it is reasonably soft too! Paper towels with minimum 60% post-consumer recycled content. Whitened with non-chlorinated bleach. But in November of 2016 something became reality that we thought wouldn’t be possible. Our manufacturers…

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Another Really Cool Product!

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Big Blue is my favorite product by a landslide. It does more than the label says it will and it does it with a smile. OK let’s be fair. Cleaning products can’t smile. But the users that who work with them can! We’ve always been focused on user friendly products. Big Blue has an innate ability to clean with nearly no residue and very little impact on your surroundings. That my friends, is a great…

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Single Use Plastics

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What is your take?  Mine is simple.  If you can’t recycle it or it doesn’t biodegrade in some way shape or form.  It is a single use item.  Our world has gotten better every day with improvements in biodegradability, packaging manufacturing and chemical safety.  I have decided a long time ago that it would be my everyday effort as well.  Moving forward you will see a company that will begin recycling programs as well as…

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